In the 1950’s and 1960’s television became ubiquitous, in the 1960’s and 1970’s air conditioning, and in the 1990’s it was the internet’s turn.  Now it is solar’s turn.  There will be solar panels on your home one day.  It is just a matter of whether you decide to increase your home’s value, or whether it is up to the next owner.  When you are ready, we are here to help. 

For the homeowners who always like to be prepared, we can offer systems with batteries so that if the grid ever goes down, you don’t.

And for the homeowners who tried to go solar with a large national solar firm but were turned down, we are here to help you too!


For building owners and operators, decreasing operating expenses is a constant fight.  We are here to help you in that fight.  In light of ever increasing utility costs we offer long term fixed prices for solar generated electricity.  Some of our commercial clients have even found the savings from solar allow them to take out more equity from their properties when re-financing.


At Green Water and Power, we pride ourselves on working with your condominium building in order to meet the building's electricity needs. There are three business models which your condo can use to work with DCP.  They are:

  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Power Purchase Agreement, a pay-per-use system in which payments are based on solar PV production